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Welcome to the online home of No Pressure Cleaning Solutions! What we do is in our name.  By “No Pressure” we mean that our main service offering, Roof Cleaning, is never performed using harmful high pressure cleaning that can damage your roof shingles. Our “SoftWash”roof cleaning method is proven Safe & Effective while delivering truly amazing “like new” results for just a fraction of roof replacement cost!

We specialize in a wide range of Exterior Cleaning & Restoration services, including:House Washing, Cedar Roof Restoration, Wood Deck & Fence Care, Concrete Driveway, Sidewalk & Patio Cleaning, as well as Brick Paver & masonry restoration.  Our expert knowledge and professional cleaning equipment is the perfect combination for the beauty of your property’s exterior and your budget!

Please take a minute to review our site and see the many beneficial  and affordable ways we can make your property look like new again!

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