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Our Roof Cleaning Process

Before we apply our cleaners we inspect the gutter system for blockages. If we need to clean them, we do. We never charge extra for this it is included in your estimate. If we missed it then its on us! We then route your gutters to containers so that we can recollect our solution. When we leave we take the solution away and recycle or it or safely dispose of it.

We clean roofs using a low pressure technique called softwashing. Any other method to clean a roof will result in damage. We use specialized pumps that allow us to apply a concentrated cleaning solution to your roof. This solution kills the bacteria which is causing the streaks on your roof. The pressure our pumps run at are under 100 PSI and comparable to a garden hose. So our process relies on the solution to clean, not agitation. Roof cleaning pumps are merely a means of delivering solution to your shingles.

We can spray our solutions long distances so typically we don’t need to walk the roof. This is ideal to reduce damage and for the safety of our technicians. After the initial application we allow the roof to dry and check for any spots that may need reapplication. We typically do not rinse roofs as the cleaner is still active and would increase the amount of volume of liquid we would need to collect through your gutter system. When we leave the roof is clean and the customer is always happy!


Roof Cleaning Is Our Specialty!

A picture tells a thousand words!  What a beautiful transformation. The homeowner above was getting ready to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof before he called us.  You don’t need to replace your roof just because of those black streaks on your shingles!  Those black streaks are a cyanobacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma that eat the limestone filler on your shingles.  In order to maximize the life of your roof this bacteria needs to be removed or your shingles can become brittle.  Not only are those black streaks an eyesore but they are shortening the life of your roof and need to be cleaned off a few times during the life of your roof. 

Our cleaning method will keep most roofs clean for 5 or more years. This is dependent on the quality of your shingles.  Cheaper shingles contain more limestone filler and grow the bacteria more quickly.  We have been cleaning roofs in Delaware approaching ten years and have over 1000 happy clients under our belt. 

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