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You are probably wondering: “What is eating my roof?”

The answer may surprise you.  Those unsightly dark roof stains and streaks
are actually a strain of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma that likes to
feed on the limestone filler material in your asphalt shingles.  This algae
growth commonly thrives on the north slope of your roof where there is
less sunlight and higher concentration of moisture.

You may have thought: “A brand new roof is the only solution.” 

Lucky for you, that would be an incorrect assumption. Truth is, all your
roof really needs is a professional Soft Wash Roof Cleaning from the
experts at No Pressure Cleaning Solutions to extend shingle life and
make your roof look like new again – for just a fraction of the cost of
premature (and expensive) roof replacement!

Now you’re thinking: “That sounds great, but how does it work?”

First, you will be happy to know that our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning
method is 100% Safe and will NOT damage your shingles. This is due
to the fact that we use specialized cleansers, rather than destructive
high pressure water, to neutralize and remove the ugly algae growths.
This “No Pressure” method of washing roof shingles is so safe and
that it is endorsed by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Mfr’s Assoc.)
and it will not void your roof’s warranty!

Why clean your roof with soft wash solutions?

First of all, what is soft wash roof cleaning? Or as we like to call it, our “No Pressure” roof cleaning services? Basically, it involves a chemical cleaning solution used in conjunction with low pressure washing to gently remove dirt and algae from roofs without causing damage or stress to the roofing materials.

The beauty of soft wash roof cleaning is that it is gentle but highly effective. There’s no bleach, high pressure washing, or harsh chemicals that could negatively affect your roof. This kind of roof cleaning is nevertheless very effective. Our specialized roof cleaners are designed to kill and remove algae and thoroughly cleanse your roof of all kinds of stains so that it looks much newer.

If your roof is so stained by algae growth that you may have feared that it would need to be replaced or might need restoration services at the very least, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that sometimes a good cleaning does the trick. Left alone, algae and moss can damage your shingles over time as well as making your home look unsightly. By contrast, a nice clean roof can add a lot to your home’s beauty and curb appeal!

What types of roof can be cleaned with soft wash roof cleaning?

Soft wash roof cleaning is also safe for all different roof types. Whether you have a shingle roof or tile roof, this low pressure cleaning method can deep-clean it and remove those streaks and discolorations you’re so tired of looking at! It can also safely clean your gutters so that they are clean and work better. And as everyone knows, gutters that are not blocked and can do their job effectively are much better at directing water where it goes and away from your home’s foundation.

Home owners are often amazed at how much a clean roof can brighten and improve the look of their whole house — not to mention the way our soft wash roof cleaning services can halt algae damage in its tracks. That means your shingles will last longer, too. You can extend the life of your roofing materials and beautify your home for much less than the cost of a new roof.

So do your home’s curb appeal – and your wallet – a favor.

Do not go another single day living under a dark stained and streaked,
algae covered roof.  CONTACT US now for your FREE Quote!

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