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Roof Cleaning – Why Is My Roof Stained?

Why Is My Roof Dirty? The Truth Behind Roof Stains In the 1980’s Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers began to use limestone as a filler to combat rising oil prices.  So to cut down on the amount of oil used limestone was used as a filler in …

Pressure Washers? Why You Should KEEP Them In The Shed ….. FOREVER

Pressure washers have their place, either being used to clean concrete, or in the shed.  Thousands of homeowners every year damage their homes by using these machines incorrectly every year.  Pressure washers cannot be used safely to clean a home PERIOD.  The picture on the …

Stucco Cleaning! Chimneys Should Only Be Black On The Inside.

Chimney’s often get bacteria growth before the rest of the house. Get it taken care of before it spreads to the rest of your home. Due to their shape chimneys often get dirty from shading and can be a real eyesore. Take back your home …

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