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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding just like roofing, when cleaned by a professional, is done using low pressure techniques. If you haven’t noticed we don’t like pressure washers yet you haven’t been reading very closely. All of our cleaning is done by quiet electric pumps. No gas, no noise! The stream coming from our wands is no more pressurized than a garden hose. We spray solutions that cleanse your home, let them do their work, and rinse off the soap to reveal a sparkling clean exterior. No ladders required!

Our process leaves the house cleaner, doesn’t leave marks on siding that a pressure washer often times does, and lasts atleast twice as long. When you clean algae off with a pressure washer under a microscope it will still be present. This leads to regrowth and next spring your house is green again. The No Pressure way leaves your home clean down to the microscopic level algae and bacteria growth has to start over again naturally not by reinfection. This is another reason I ALWAYS advise clients to clean their WHOLE house.

Stucco Exteriors

Stucco exteriors are the most challenging of all the outdoor finishes on a home to keep clean and maintain.  If you are reading this you are in the right spot!  NEVER use a pressure washer on a stucco home.  Even spraying a garden hose on the jet setting will knock off little pieces of stucco.  If you don’t believe me, get up, go outside and try it.  Shocking right?  Now imagine what a pressure washer could do in the wrong hands.  Stucco must be cleaned using soft-wash methods.  If someone even mentions using a pressure washer on stucco either send them home or find a good lawyer.  When you’re done with that give the PROFESSIONALS a call and we’ll get your home cleaned SAFELY.

No Pressure Cleaning Solutions