Softwashing – Algae Removal – Newark, De

Softwashing Services - Algae Removal - Newark, Delaware


How Do You Clean Algae On Siding?

The experts at No Pressure Cleaning Solutions use a process called Softwashing.  Softwashing involves spraying cleaners to remove algae, dirt, and debris.  As opposed to using harmful high pressure.  We let our cleaning solutions do the work!  Below is a time lapse video of us performing the cleaning for the picture above.


Why Don't You Pressure Wash?

Softwashing is superior to power washing in every way.  It is more efficient, safer, more effective, and usually less expensive.  We cleaned this large home in just over 2 hours.  We can perform 5 or more house washes a day.  This just isn't possible with a pressure washer.  Standing on a wet ladder, 30 feet in the air blasting away with a pressure washer is extremely unsafe.  High pressure also damages stucco, and aluminum siding.  Leaves uneven oxidation marks and forces water under all types of siding and will blow the seals out of windows.  Not to mention anyone who uses a pressure washer to clean isn't an exterior cleaning professional and likely doesn't have insurance.  Combining all of these is a recipe for disaster.  Furthermore soft washing disinfects your exterior.  The algae is completely gone even on a microscopic level.  Pressure washing may look clean when done.  But there are still algae spores alive on your home and they will grow exponentially.  Softwashing keeps the green away much longer!

We Provide Free Estimates in Newark, De

Don't go another day with a green home.  We provide free in person estimates with a cleaning professional within a 30 mile of Newark.  For the price of a soft wash there is no reason not to have it done.  We clean the whole house: siding, windows, gutters, fascia, soffit, trim and rakeboards.  Schedule a FREE ESTIMATE today by clicking on the link.  Send us your contact information and we will get back to you in a hurry!

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