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Professional Deck Cleaning in Delaware

Decks are often cleaned incorrectly by both "professionals" and homeowners.  Pressure washing is usually not the answer.  We will run through the most common scenarios we see.

My Wood or Composite Deck Has Mold and Algae On it


Firstly, composite decks should never be pressure washed under any circumstances.  But many homeowners will run to the garage to get their pressure washer.  Some "professionals" will do the same.  As a result, many decks are damaged by high pressure.  At No Pressure we simply spray the deck with a solution that removes algae.  Followed up by a gentle scrubbing with a soft bristle brush.  Afterwards we rinse the deck with garden hose pressure and it looks like new!  This method is called Soft-washing.  Pressure washers are intrusive and should only be used when needed.

My Deck Needs To Be Re-Stained

Usually a softwashing is sufficient to remove the algae and mold from your deck.  This is crucial to do before staining or you will trap algae under the stain or paint.  Resulting in dramatically shorter life of the finish.  If your stain has failed this is not the correct method.

I Have Significant Peeling Across My Deck Or Want to Change Stains.


If your deck is peeling across large sections of the deck.  Or you are using a penetrating oil based stain and want a new look, then stripping to bare wood is the answer.  This process does involve a pressure washer but used responsibly.  Stripping a deck is not done through pressure.  Rather it is done using a two part process of cleaners.  First a stripping agent is applied to the deck.  We allow the chemical to dwell and it breaks down the finish.  After sufficient time has passed we LIGHTLY power wash.  If the stain does not come up we reapply the stripper until it does.  More pressure will only cause damage.  After the stain has been removed the stripper must be neutralized.  We apply a brightener/neutralizer to restore the Ph levels.  This is crucial, an Alkaline deck will not properly accept stain.

How Should I Care For My Deck?

Most importantly never let your stain fail.  Avoid stripping your deck it is costly.  After a stain decks should be softwashed every year or two depending on conditions.  This will help the finish last longer.  Algae breaks down the stain on your deck.  As needed a maintenance coat of stain should be re-applied.  This cycle of cleaning and a light coat of stain should keep your deck looking great for years.  Eventually the deck will need to be stripped again and the process starts over.  I recommend oil based stains for my customers as opposed to water or latex based finishes.  A high quality stain is also always worth the added expense in the long run.  Schedule an estimate today!

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