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Pressure Washers? Why You Should KEEP Them In The Shed ….. FOREVER

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Pressure washers have their place, either being used to clean concrete, or in the shed.  Thousands of homeowners every year damage their homes by using these machines incorrectly every year.  Pressure washers cannot be used safely to clean a home PERIOD.  The picture on the right is an extreme case but even if you could clean a home without leaving marks in the oxidation layer how can you safely clean a two story home with a pressure washer?  You're soaked balancing on a ladder with the machine trying to push you off everytime you pull the trigger.  YOU CAN'T DO IT!

I own a similar rig to the picture on the left and I haven't used it in three years.  "Professional Cleaners" who use pressure washers don't have a clue.  Soft Washing techniques can be used with a pressure washer using a chemical injector which we briefly used but they are inherently unreliable.  They also don't allow you to fine tune your cleaning mix and at NO PRESSURE we adjust our CLEANING SOLUTIONS to tailor your home.  Is our name starting to make more sense to you?  Most professional cleaning companies have moved on from pressure washers for this reason.

Our cleaning system was designed in house to suit our customers needs and no one else has one like it.  We utilize 12 volt pumps that can spray our cleaners 30 feet in the air to clean your home SAFELY from the ground.  The solution works its magic we give the house a thorough rinsing and your home is SPARKLING.  Our system is limited at 100 psi so at the end of a hot day we just give ourselves a spray to cool down … Don't ask your pressure washer to do that!


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