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Ugly Roof Stains Ruining Your Curb Appeal?

Those black streaks on your roof are the result of an algae call Gloeocapsa Magma.  It typically grows on the north facing roof but can thrive anywhere that has shade.  Left unchecked this staining will cause shingle damage.  The algae eats calcium which is a filler in roofing shingles.  This can cause shingles to prematurely deteriorate.  But don’t worry we can clean the staining using our perfected softwashing process.  We offer a five year warranty on all full roof cleanings.

I Have Moss Growing On My Shingles. Can That be Cleaned?

We’ve got you covered!  Moss and lichen can quickly deteriorate your roof.  They both hold moisture and have strong root systems which can cause leaks and soften the underlayment.  Our softwashing process will remove the moss safely and effectively, keeping your home protected from future leaks. 

Can You Explain Your Softwashing Technique?

Ofcourse!  We mix a propietary blend of detergents to produce a roof cleaning solution that will attack the organic growth on your roof.  It is applied by an agricultural sprayer that has a similar pressure to a garden hose.  Our solution is what does the cleaning.  Before any solution is applied we contain any potential runoff that will come through the gutter system.  We also thoroughly water any surrounding vegetation before, during, and after cleaning.  After the solution is applied we collect any runoff from the gutter system and dispose of it.  As the roof dries off we check for any spots that may need an additional application, if not your roof will look as good as new.

Why Should I Hire You?

I am a professional cleaner, this is what I do for a living.  In this industry there are a lot of fly by night companies that pop up every year.  Some destroy property using pressure washers while others can’t be bothered to protect your landscaping from cleaning solution.  Using an inexperienced softwashing company can be a disaster.  We pay attention to the details and never take shortcuts.  Because of this approach we have thrived and maintained a 5 star rating on Google.  We would love to hear from you!  

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