Christmas Light Installations

Christmas Light Installation Services

If you want to show your holiday spirit but don’t want the fuss and risk of climbing ladders to put up Christmas lights and decorations, choose the safe and easy way and let us do it for you! As one component of our property maintenance services, No Pressure Cleaning Solutions LLC offers professional Christmas light installation services. We’ll help you care for and maintain your roof and eaves in an attractive condition during the holiday season. Call us to request a free estimate for this helpful service.

We Supply the Lights

Our services make holiday light installation so easy, you don’t even have to shop for lights — we supply the lighting displays, install and uninstall them, and store them safely from season to season. By not using customer-supplied lights, we can ensure that you have the highest-quality, high-end Christmas lights that are safe for outdoor use and work the way they are supposed to work.

We’re here to help residents of Newark, Delaware and outlying communities manage their holiday lighting displays safely. You can depend upon our expertise in this field! We supply all the lights you need and provide the following services:

1. Planning Holiday Lighting Displays: We assist local homeowners during the Christmas light planning process. Ask us to evaluate a proposed light display for your realty and supply useful information concerning installation, maintenance, and removal costs.

2. Professional Installation Services: Does hanging a festive Christmas light display sometimes prove challenging? Many homeowners dread the prospect of standing atop a ladder during windy, cold or snowy weather, struggling to attach their Christmas light displays to their home correctly. Delegate this task to us instead. We’ve invested in excellent tools and equipment to get this dreaded seasonal task done, safer and faster than you could on your own.

3. Christmas Light Display Maintenance: We also offer useful assistance maintaining Christmas lighting displays in an attractive condition throughout the holiday period. When a customer needs help replacing a burned out light or securing a loose strand of lights, we provide a timely resource. Call us for help managing your residential Christmas lighting display this year!

4. Holiday Light Removal and Storage: Of course, what goes up must come down! (Before the neighbors begin to complain.) Our technicians also aid customers in removing Christmas lights in a timely manner. Many households don’t make a conscious choice to leave a holiday display in place throughout the entire year, but it’s hard to find time and good weather to remove your holiday light display on your own. When the time arrives to store away your lovely outdoor Christmas decorations, rely on us for capable assistance.

CLIPA Certified Holiday Light Installers

We are a member of the Christmas Light Installation Pros Association (CLIPA). This certification is your assurance that we have the training, experience, liability insurance, references and reputation needed to provide the best holiday light installation services.

Call us today at 302-489-9462 for a free estimate on our Christmas light installation, removal or storage solutions! We offer our services throughout Newark and Delaware.