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What is Softwashing?

Professional cleaners clean homes using softwashing methods.  We use cleaners to kill algae, mold, and mildew that has accumulated on your home and remove them with a gentle rinse.  All cleaning is done safely from the ground and at pressures under 100 psi.  The house is cleaner than if pressure washed and the final product lasts longer.  The timelapse below shows us softwashing a home.

What Are The Advantages Over Pressure Washing or Power Washing?

Power washing a home is dangerous for many reasons.  Pressure washers can force water underneath the siding leading to mold issues.  The homeowner above contacted us for this very reason, her previous cleaner caused damage to her home.  Consequently many customers who don’t understand our process ask us to stay away from their windows.  They don’t realize our sprayers are about as strong as a garden hose.  But we have customers who have had to get new windows from previous cleaners who blew the seals out.  Pressure washing also doesn’t last as long.  Softwashing chemically removes the algae.  If you looked under a microscope after each process you would see the difference.  For example pressure washing would leave behind algae cells while softwashing would remove stains at a microscopic level.  This is important because algae grows exponentially.

Will Softwashing Hurt My Plants?

Softwashing can hurt plants when performed by an inexperienced company.  At No Pressure we continually and meticulously keep your plants watered to protect them from any cleaning solutions.  If there is a precarious situation where this will not be sufficient we will cover the plants.  Plants are sprayed when we arrive, during cleaning, and the while we are packing up!  For our two  person crews one person’s job is entirely dedicated to watering plants.  The other spray technician is trained to communicate with the watering tech to let them know what needs to be watered.  This system has worked very well for us and we have not had problems for many years.  If there is a problem we will remedy it!  We clean hundreds of homes a year without any issues, that is why it’s important to use an experienced softwashing company.

What does Softwashing Clean

A typical house wash includes the entire exterior of your home.  Roof cleaning is not included in a house-wash as it is a separate service.  Our process cleans algae, mold, dirt, and grime from your siding, trim gutters, windows, and garage doors.  We can also clean specialty staining such as rust, fertilizer stains, oxidation, and more.  Request an estimate below.

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