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Soft Wash Housewashing

Your fast & affordable "Instant Home Makeover" is a phone call away!
The buildup of dirt, grime, dust, airborne pollutants, mold, and mildew do
a real number on the condition and curb appeal of your home's exterior.
Did you think that buying new siding is the only solution?  Think again!
Our Safe & Effective House Washing service is the best, most economical
solution available to quickly and inexpensively restore your home's beauty!
Our Low Pressure House Washing method poses ZERO RISK of damage
to your home's exterior siding. The combination of our specialized detergent
and light water rinse gently washes away years of ugly buildup to reveal a
clean, fresh, "like new" home exterior you will be proud of!

Ideal for: Vinyl Siding • Wood • Stucco • Dryvit • Brick & more!


Why Choose Soft Wash House Cleaning over High Pressure Washing?

When mold, dirt and mildew take over the outside of a house, some people immediately opt for power washing. We offer another way to safely clean your home’s exterior with soft washing instead. Our professional staff will quickly and efficiently make your home look like new with our proven method.

Soft washing is a more effective way of removing mold, stains and hard to reach areas on the property. Instead of focusing high powered water streams on one area for an extended length of time as power washing does, we use a more holistic approach. With our method, we use a special detergent that’s gently sprayed on the property’s exterior from top to bottom. Since we don’t use a high powered water jet, there’s no chance of damaging the outside of the home. Soft washing is especially recommended for softer wood exteriors to prevent breakage.

After the detergent is applied to the home it will begin to loosen the dirt and debris that has built up on the exterior, roof and gutters. The chemicals in the solution work to kill and stop the return of algae, mold and mildew. Our soft washing experts will then gently spray the property to rinse and remove the dirt and detergent to leave a beautiful and clean home.

While power washing may be used safely on certain areas of your property like the driveway or on the sidewalk, power washing can knock off tiles, break windows and sometimes cause damage to your deck or patio. Soft washing is recommended as a great alternative when you want to be assured of a sparkling clean result, without ruining your exterior.

Don’t despair or move to a new house! Let us soft wash your house instead to give it back its original curb appeal. Our friendly crew will get the job done efficiently and with no disruption to your household. We’ll be happy to show you how soft washing is the better option when it comes to cleaning your home’s exterior.

Cedar Shake Roof and Siding Restoration

A cedar exterior is arguably the most beautiful type of home you can own.
For this very reason it should be treated with the proper care and expertise it
deserves. Let us help you keep your cedar shake roof and home looking like the
thing of beauty it should be using our skill, experience & top quality cedar restoration
products and procedures.
Don't neglect your cedar shake roof - PROTECT it today!


Wood Deck and Fence Care

Decks, Fences, Arbors, Gazebos -  we are Delaware's wood care experts!
Your home's outdoor wooden structures enhance the beauty and value of
your property, but left neglected they all too easily become a real eyesore.
Wood decks and fences are subjected to the harsh elements all year round,
often leading to greying, fading and sometimes even wood rot and decay.
Let us help you maintain the beauty and integrity of your wooden structures
and keep them looking great for many years to come!
Ideal for: Decks • Fences • Arbors • Gazebos & more!

Services include: Stripping • Cleaning • Staining & Sealing

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