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Why Is My Stucco Chimney So Dirty?

Chimneys often get bacteria growth before the rest of the house. Get it taken care of before it spreads to the rest of your home. Due to their shape chimneys often get dirty from shading and can be a real eyesore.  Not to worry though, our softwashing process will take care of it.

Do You Power Wash Stucco?

We don’t use a power washer on anything but concrete driveways and walkways.  Our soft wash cleaning process relies on specialized cleaners that attack the algae and bacteria that is growing on your home.  Sometimes a gentle brush, with a soft bristle brush is necessary to speedup the process in troublesome areas.  But anything else will damage your home and can cost you thousands in repairs.  Many companies do not know how to properly clean this surface.  Give the experts at No Pressure a call to get a quote today!

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