Roof Cleaning – Why Is My Roof Stained?

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Why Is My Roof Dirty?

The Truth Behind Roof Stains

In the 1980's Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers began to use limestone as a filler to combat rising oil prices.  So to cut down on the amount of oil used limestone was used as a filler in asphalt shingles.  There's just one problem with that idea.  Limestone is made from calcium and bacteria can use it as a food source.  One in particular named Gloeocapsa Magma is what plagues most roofs with black staining.  Because this bacteria is airborne it affects many homes.  When it lands on a roof and the conditions are right and a food source is present.  You will have black stains in due time.  This process generally takes 5-7 years with our Delaware climate depending on many factors.  One major factor is the quality of your shingle.  Some lower quality shingles will have visible staining in 3 years.  Older shingles, before the addition of limestone rarely become dirty.  Shade is another major factor.  Roofs below substantial tree cover are more likely to develop staining as well.

Do I Need To Clean My Roof?

Unfortunately roof cleaning is the price to pay for cheaper and more sustainable shingles.  If roofs are left uncleaned they will have a shorter life cycle.  Roof stains aren't just ugly they are damaging your roof.  The bacteria is literally eating your roof and as a result of digestion it also leaves behind acid.  These two in harmony can make your roof brittle and help to lose granules faster.  After a roof is left with the bacteria moss and lichen begin to take hold these two cause even further damage with their root systems.  Roof cleaning is a necessary to protect your roof from damage.  The boost in curb appeal is just a bonus.

Do Something About it

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